Expert Consultants

Victoria Raveis

Victoria Raveis, PhD,Research Professor; Director, Psychosocial Research Unit on Health, Aging and the Community, New York University


Dr. Raveis is a research professor and director of the NYU Psychosocial Research Unit on Health, Aging and the Community in the departments of dentistry and nursing.  A medical sociologist and social gerontologist, she is an experienced NIH-funded, health services researcher.  Dr. Raveis has significant experience mentoring and providing research training to graduate students, post-doctoral research fellows and junior faculty. Dr. Raveis has been mentoring the doctoral research of public health, social work, nursing and education graduate students interested in geriatrics, health services, health disparities and underserved community population groups for many years. As a consulting psychosocial expert on the BRIDGE project, Dr. Raveis will provide guidance on the study measures, all aspects of design, including intervention development and will assist on manuscript preparation and will present findings at conferences.

Martin Sherman

Martin ShermanPhD, Professor of Psychology, Director of Masters Education Program in Psychology: Thesis Track, Loyola University MD


Dr. Sherman is a tenured professor in the Department of Psychology at Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland. He is the director of the Master’s Program in Psychology (Thesis Track) and teaches advanced statistical techniques. He is knowledgeable on all aspects of survey design, scale development, psychometric analyses, descriptive and complex analytic techniques, such as multiple regression techniques and path analysis. Dr. Sherman will assist the BRIDGE team on the data analyses and he will also oversee all data management and procedures for this study. In addition to his statistical skills that he brings to this study, Dr. Sherman has disciplinary knowledge and skills in psychosocial research. His work frequently involves social cognitive theories of behavior. Dr. Sherman has more than 35 years of academic and research experience. He has worked in collaboration with both Dr. Raveis and Dr. Gershon on multiple projects and scientific papers.